The Art of Greek Coffee

The benefits of consuming caffeine, in moderation, are already well known. Greek coffee, when prepared authentically and taken sketos, is coffee the way it should be drunk.

Pure, unadulterated, roasted beans, simply prepared in a brikiand taken black with no sugar.

It’s all about the Preparation

The brikiis essential to the correct preparation of coffee Greek style. A brikiis a traditional copper pot used to brew the coffee over a gas stove. When heated on a low-medium heat, the briki produces a distinctive foam (kaimaki) in the coffee before it starts to boil. The richer the foam, the more Greeks like it! The foam rises very quickly and once it reaches the top, preparation is done! The pot is taken from the heat and served in demitasse cups, piping hot, with a cold glass of water.

How to Take Your Greek Coffee

If you take your coffee Sketos, you like it simple and black but there’s a variety of ways to enjoy your Hellenic blend.  Metrios will add a spoonful of sugar while Glykos doubles down on the sweet stuff and gives you twice as much sugar as caffeine in your brew – an extra kick to start your day.

Ask for the best at Elia

However you prefer it, just ask at Elia for our authentic Greek blend and we’ll be happy to prepare you the very best. All you have to do, to enjoy a truly authentic Greek Kafeneion experience, is take your time over it.